Iam Uma Rai Bangalore

My passion id fashion and acting. Now I am working as one of the best fashion model in the city. I have already worked with lots of leading brands and given the maximum promotion. Bangalore is not just a city like others. It has the potential to be utilized by the whole people of the city. I am basically from Mumbai but I changed my name like NagRani Bangalore that means I love the city and I want to use all the sources of the city. I am always thankful for those who helped me to grow like a professional fashion model girl of the Bangalore city https://leshmi.com

Personal Life

As the most hardworking and beautiful fashion model girl of the city I wish to have a good circle of friends. I have completed my studies in Mumbai and I tried my luck. Unfortunately I was not comfortable with the companies which all are offered job to me. I really wish to do something myself and I did a long study about it. At last I took the decision that I am going to the field of fashion and advertisement. This is the short story of my life. I request maximum support and prayers from my friends. Thank you for coming to my personal website. https://leshmi.com